Take Away Church

Kate Ellarby Events

About three months ago, Beth and I began “Take Away Church” – we wanted to engage with families already attending some of our sessions at The Barn, and remind the families who used to come along that we were still here  – and interested in them! Over the last year The Bridge Project has endeavoured to serve people “living” with the Pandemic in  (ie)  providing hot meals, activity packs for their children and interacting with Zoom calls and telephone calls, garden visits …..and now, with rules around COVID19 easing slightly, we wanted to really begin working on our outreach plans. ONE of those plans is “Take Away Church”.People have asked us for prayer and have asked us questions about God; some ladies have used our BIG GREEN HEART sessions to find peace and hope with God, but we wanted to send out a message that God is still with us, pandemic or no pandemic and family is high on His agenda. 

Our Take Away Church involves food (Jesus + food is good) an activity for the family, a story with a moral – for all the family, of course,  and (during the online session accompanying Take Away Church) …PRAYER. We feel strongly that our Take Away Church will help people to understand that you can talk to God, anywhere, about anything, and, as time goes on, we will introduce people to how they can live a life with MORE hope, less hurt and a peace that is sometimes totally unexplainable but REAL, and in a world that is sometimes overwhelmingly scary and uncertain that GOD CARES.

Soon, we have plans for us to meet and talk over things that are important to you. As soon as we are able, we will be holding HOT POTATO sessions. Any of you remember them? HOT POTATO sessions are when we talked over deeper issues and questions …….’taboo’ subjects…..only this time we will not be meeting at The Salvation Army, we will be meeting perhaps in a pub or a coffee shop, somewhere we can be comfortable and be open. Better weather is coming, perhaps some freedom of sorts, and we will be inviting you along without the children (because its about YOU) to find out its not just the Sun that warms your bones, God  (Jesus) can set your whole life on fire!

Lots of loveSharon and Beth (not forgetting Kate and Andy) xx