Its been a busy month

Kate Ellarby Events

We are beginning to feel very settled in Manor Farm now, and the young people who come to our groups are responding to that atmosphere of safety and love which we seek to offer. Part of the ‘settling in’ has meant that we have re-arranged our things a few times,  and the office and the prayer room have changed places. The prayer room is taking shape, do pop in to and see us if you are in the area.


Excitingly, the ‘discipling youth group’ ‘Cube’ is growing and we are enjoying challenging and stretching the young people in their faith. Our two gap year volunteers are involved in the leadership of Cube and the Tuesday Primary Club and it is good to see them growing in their faith and in their maturity as they plan and lead things.

20161114_203258                       20161114_203319

At the beginning of the month I went with one of our under teenagers on a training course in Sheffield. This course is called “I’m the Girl I Want To Be’ and it offers teenage girls an opportunity to think about their self esteem and their values and empowers them to make good choices etc. We are now licensed as a project to deliver this course and we are in the process of getting ready to launch it in January. Please pray for Shannon and I as we deliver the course and for the girls who we will inviting. If you know of a teenaged girl (13-18) who could do with a boost, might enjoy a course with other teenaged girls, or is vulnerable and needs a chance to build good self esteem then do point them in our direction.

20161122_132802Invitations to the up-coming course.

With a month to go until christmas our thought are turning to the Healaugh Nativity. Rehearsal days are 21st and 22nd of December, with the two performances on the 23rd and 24th at 6.00pm and 4.30pm respectively. Riding lights will be involved as usual and we look forward this great celebration of Christ’s birth. If you would like to be involved in the nativity then please ring Verena on 07837 187198 or email her on