24 Hour Reelathon

Austin Blaylock Events

The task of Scottish Dancing (reeling) for 24 hours have never been attacked before. A group of young, active, budding reelers have decided that its a task we are will to tackle.

Thoughts at 2am with a sweaty back, aching feet of the fact that a bed is only just around the corner are far from gone, we will start on the 28th December 10pm and not finish until the morning of the 30th December – 2am.

Please sponsor us in our stupidity, in our hours of need…literally! Or just sponsor us ’cause you think we will fail or be a grumpy mess..

The Lower Wharfe Ecumenical Youth Project itself does some fantastic things in Tadcaster – home of the reel-a-thon – working with young mums, teenagers that would otherwise spend their time drinking against the street walls, the up and coming budding musicians, the kids that would rather not go home before bedtime, the mums and friends who struggle with life’s hard times, supporting the community of Tadcaster and most of all, being able to provide a safe, caring and non judging environment for people to grow into what they were designed to be.

The project, itself, is facing some rather big questions in the future months and is in need of £50,000 in order to reserve the right of making some the best Hot Chocolate (with marshmallows, we don’t do things in halves) on a cold wintery night and supporting the next generation (hopefully of reelers..). The building that they are in the need of confirming for the future is the perfect location and size for the work that they are doing for the Tadcaster community… and representing Jesus on this Earth.

Any donation you make is beyond kind and it is a complete honour to be representing the LWEYP in our dangerous/ligament damaging/extremely fun/goal completing challenge…

Thank you !

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